The Best Containment Mat Products In The Business --TruContain

Containment mats are a relatively simple idea. Trap moisture, snow, rain, mud, dirt and oil that falls off of your car or truck and keep it from spreading all over your garage floor. offers one of the industries leading containment mats -- The TruContain containment mat. What makes TruContain so special? The TruContain containment mat,  is a one piece containment mat constructed from a PVC infused fabric. The fabric is then wrapped and heat welded around foam edges. This means no assembly is required and no plastic edge pieces to break.

This process creates a tough garage floor mat that holds tons of snow, water and muck. Now available in 7 popular sizes. 

Park Smart 50 Mil products also provide a unique offering. While they are more difficult to assemble, they are shipped rolled, not folded. That means they will lay flat and look nicer. The downside is you have to assemble. 

TruContain HD Mats are 33% heavier than the original. Highly suggested in Canadian markets as well as the Great Lakes region of the US